quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2013

Edward & Bella Poemas...

Os Direitos de Autor São Para as Suas Artistas...
Apenas Partilho o Que Existe de Belo na Net!!!
Aqui Vão o Que Dizem;
"There's No Hope Of Ever Changing
There's No Change That Would Resolve
The Things I've Done To You
The Pain I've Inflicted

I'll Try To Stop The Bleeding
 But I Don't Think I Can Breathe Again
There's More Than One Heart
I've Tormented

I'm Going 'Round In Circles
But There Is No Path For You
There's Only Breath For Him
Give Me a Reason To Lie
Because I Won't Lie To You Again".
 "I Love Her More Than Anything In the World,
More Than My Own Life,
And By Some Miracle She Love Me That Way,Too."-Edward Cullen.
"Real Love Is Forever!!!"

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